Shepard Lutheran School

K-8 Grade

Albuquerque, NM | 505-292-6622

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Academic Standards and Achievement

We hold high expectations for every student in our school. Our goal is for every child to meet his or her utmost potential according to the abilities and gifts each has received from God.  We desire to take each individual student as far as he or she can go academically.


During the spring we administer The Iowa Tests of Basic Skills for all students in grades 3 through 8. We report the results of these tests using "percentiles," which is the easiest to understand in determining the results of these tests.  The percentile number indicates the percent of children below Shepherd's scores  We are proud that our students show continual improvement in achievement scores, and are graduated well above the average.

Shepherd Students Demonstrate Continual Improvement

and are Graduated Well Above Average!

2018 07 11 Test Scores Bar Chart 2018 07 11 Test Scores