Shepard Lutheran School

K-8 Grade

Albuquerque, NM | 505-292-6622

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Shepherd Lutheran School pursues excellence in subjects commonly taught at elementary and middle school level.


  • Christ Centered Education

  • Reading, Phonics, and Literature

  • Spelling, Grammar, and Writing

  • Mathematics, Geometry, and Algebra

  • Physical, Earth, and Life Sciences, and Technology

  • New Mexico, U.S. and World History

  • Geography, Civics, and Current Events

  • Music, Drama, and Art

  • Fitness and Health, Movement and Sports

Our Programs Include:




We offer interscholastic sports, including basketball, volleyball, track and cross country.

The Arts

Drama, Choir, Art and Music are a part of our curriculum.

In addition to the core subjects, our students learn bible knowledge and Christian living.

Caring for the blessings God has given us is a part of developing a strong faith.

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Core Curriculum

Learning Outcomes

• Know Jesus as their Savior

• Use God's Word in their lives

• Share God's Word with others

• Communicate effectively

• Think critically

Graduates of Shepherd Christian Lutheran School:

• Employ effective organizational/study skills  

• Are ready for success in high school

• Understand our American heritage and civic responsibilities    

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