Shepard Lutheran School

K-8 Grade

Albuquerque, NM | 505-292-6622

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Our School Family

We encourage parents to be involved in the education of their children. We provide many opportunities to get involved. We invite parents to simply drop in and visit awhile. We also provide many fellowship activities. Our older students work with our younger students. Our parents know our students, and they in turn know our parents. Perhaps our greatest asset is our family atmosphere.

What Our Parents Say

"Our family came to Shepherd Lutheran seeking a school atmosphere that was safe and held high principles. We were blessed with much more than that! The first added blessing was strong Biblical teaching that brought our whole family closer to God. The second unexpected blessing was the close interaction of the families. This felt to us much like the small towns we grew up in. It offered opportunities for friendship and support."   Bill and Sandra Hensley

Bill and Sandra Hensley

"I've never seen a school where the older kids look out for the younger kids like they do at Shepherd."  Paul Veers

Paul Veers

"Shepherd Lutheran has been a blessing for our children and family. They are in a structured, loving, learning environment. The teachers are dedicated beyond anything I have ever seen. They do their best to ensure that all the children at Shepherd receive quality Christian based instrution each and every day."  Barb Manzaneras

Barb Manzaneras

"Shepherd gives individual attention, so each student is challenged with new material when he has learned a concept. Shepherd provides a friendly, safe, and God-centered environment for learning and growing."  Lisa Hendel

Lisa Hendel

"The staff at Sheperd Lutheran School is top notch. My children have thrived academically, physically, and spiritually under their guidance. Our experience with the school has been a blessing to our family."  Todd and JoLynn Stockton

Todd and JoLynn Stockton

"We have been pleased with the other children, the curriculum, the diverse extra-curricular activities, and, above all, the teachers and staff. We thank God for the opportunity our children have to attend Shepherd Lutheran and for the support the school provides our family." Jeff and Colleen Odenbaugh

Jeff and Colleen Odenbaugh

What Our Graduates Say

"Shepherd Lutheran prepared me for high school. Under Shepherd's callenging guidance, I learned to work the material out myself instead of waiting for the teacher to go over it for me. Shepherd's challenging classes and theories about homework have made my freshman and sophomore years a breeze. I was able to work without the teacher and learn the material myself because Shepherd encouraged me to learn for myself."  Joel Mayes

Joel Mayes

"Shepherd prepared me for high school life in a way I didn't realize. I knew things that other eople didn't and had to learn during class. I had more self-confidence about things than any of my other friends. my friends now come to me with their problems because they know that I won't put them down about anything they tell me. When they asked how I can do that and not tell their secrets to anyone, I tell them it's because I came from the best Christian school ever, Shepherd Lutheran. I told them that it helped me to be more aware of others' feelings. Shepherd helped me feel more at ease with the pressures of high school knowing that god is with me each second of the day."  Miranda Plomer

Miranda Plomer

"Shepherd Lutheran School gave me the best education possible for middle school. Not only was I well prepared for high school academically, I was alos prepared well mentally and physically."  Emma Veers

Emma Veers

"It is my belief that Shepherd Lutheran School and Church was and is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I joined Shepherd Lutheran in my sixth grade because I was looking for a small school that had a good learning program. I found something even better. Shepherd Lutheran was indeed a small school with a wonderful learning program, but the people there had the biggest hearts I had ever seen. The teachers all care about each and every student, not only in their class, but also in the other teachers' classes. Each teacher did his/her best to prepare each student for high school. Shepherd did an azazing job preparing me for high school. The family atmosphere at Shepherd really helped me out. They accpeted me and always showed me unconditional love. I don't know where I would be without the people at Shepherd. Because of Shepherd I learned how to make friends and make them last for a lifetime."  Kirsten Bowman

Kirsten Bowman